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Exclusive Services for
Wealth Advisors

We understand how important it is to earn and maintain your clients’ trust. Our goal is to strengthen your bond with your client by exceeding expectations.

Red Flags That Indicate a Property & Casualty Review is Needed:

A Divorce

The process of divorce is often complicated. During the divorce process and at its conclusion, it is critical to have an insurance review and make recommendations for changes necessary to protect each spouse in the event of property or liability claims.

Personal Assets Held in Trust, LLC, or Limited Partnership

When assets are held in the name of entities, an insurance review is needed to ensure there are no gaps in coverage.

Has Toys

Jet Skis, Boats, Collector Antique Cars, Vacation Homes, Golf Carts

Newly Licensed Child

A newly license child can be an increased exposure to new risks and a comprehensive review should be conducted on the insurance program.

Lives in Luxury Apartment Building

When a client lives in a luxury apartment building, there is increased potential for lawsuits from neighbors.

Has Never Had a Professional Insurance Review

A professional review is important to ensure no coverage gaps, assets are insured properly. Contact us for a review of your clients insurance program.

New Home Purchase or Renovation

New homes and renovations should be reviewed thoroughly to avoid an gaps in coverage or underinsured homes.

Well-known or High Profile

Well-known or high profile clients can be targeted. Proper insurance coverage is integral.

A Collector

Homeowner’s policies typically have very limited coverage for valuable possessions. This can lead to multiple gaps in coverage for collectors if not insured properly.

Domestic Staff Employed

Domestic Staff may require additional coverage such as workers compensation. This should be evaluated carefully by an insurance professional. 


Paying too much


The Overlooked Gap in Financial Advice

Chubb Insurance commissioned an independent study by Oliver Wyman to assess how successful individuals and families currently purchase their P&C products and services as well as the role their financial advisers play in that process. The partial summary of the analysis is that these families often are placed with subpar providers, resulting in subpar coverage.


Financial advisors that provide holistic support for their clients will deepen their relationships with those clients and have additional exposure to their wealth.


Many people have insurance coverages through the direct market and may not have enough coverage, or coverage at all, in the event that a large scale claim were to take place. Large out of pocket expenses can be detrimental to your client’s financial plan.

To learn more about this topic please reach out to us.

Business Colleagues
85% of successful individuals want their advisor to act as their insurance quarterbacks.
Business Meeting
77% want support for their P&C insurance from their advisor.
Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor
Only 28% of financial advisors are providing support to their clients with their P&C program.

Our Services for Wealth Advisors

  • Complimentary personal risk analysis

  • Unique solutions tailored to individual family members needs

  • Ongoing negotiation with insurance companies regarding pricing, requirements and claims

  • Research, evaluation and recommendations for properly insuring valuables and collections

  • Assistance with and coordination of fine arts movement: shipping, storing, loaning, etc.

  • Location visits for properties to allow for firsthand knowledge of risks and potential exposures

  • Claims advocacy, negotiation, management, and coordination

  • Active co-management of the insurance related aspects of construction and renovation projects

  • Annual account review and analysis

  • Communication and coordination with other team members: family offices, trust and estate attorneys, accountants, mortgage brokers and contractors

Real Life Client Examples:

Claims Experience

Our Client’s home experienced a major claim due to a significant storm. We spoke to both the client and the insurance company multiple times, monitoring the situation and making sure our client received a quick and fair settlement. The check was in our hands within 48 hours of settlement. We invited the client’s Advisor to join us to hand deliver the check. Our mutual client was ecstatic.

 Significant Coverage Improvements and Savings

The Wealth Manager for a well-known personality asked us to conduct a personal risk assessment for her client whose divorce recently became final. Multiple gaps in coverage were identified, but most importantly, the client had no umbrella coverage as all of the insurance policies were in her ex-husband’s name. Additionally, the client experienced a significant savings. Both the client and the wealth manager were thrilled.

Major Gaps in Coverage Identified and Addressed

An Advisor for our prospect asked his client when the last review of his property and casualty program had occurred and learned it hadn’t happened in recent history. He gathered the client’s policies and asked us to conduct our analysis. In this case, the client had all policies with a direct writer. Several gaps were identified, but the most significant was the client’s home was underinsured by $1 million. The client also had two policies covering the exposure. Multiple recommendations were made.

Image by Drew Beamer

"Thank you again on your thoroughness and professionalism. The detail you go to for clients is unmatched based on the insurance professionals I have worked with in the past.  Look forward to bringing you more clients shortly."   - Trusted Advisor

Importance of a Property & Casualty Insurance Review

Top advisors are concerned with their clients’ overall financial well-being and have come to understand the value and importance of paying attention to the clients’ personal P&C program.  The two top benefits of a comprehensive insurance review are…   A.  Potential for Savings, and B. Potential to Identify Gaps in Coverage. 

 Ask your clients the following questions to determine if they are in need of a review: 

1. When was the last time that an expert personal lines agent reviewed, identified, and analyzed your risk profile and then delivered a program that was beyond your expectations?

2. Do you have a broker who has access to multiple insurance companies and can advocate on your behalf?  

3. How much time has your broker spent getting to know you and your unique exposure to loss?

4. Over the years, how frequently has your broker reached out to you, inquiring about changes in your situation and discussing new ideas to improve management of your risk?  In other words, is your broker pro-active and responsive in managing your program?

5. When was the last time that your broker took it upon themselves to market your program with the top carriers and shop for the best package at the most economical price?

6. If you ever experienced a claim, did your broker stand by your side, take over management of the claims process to ensure you received a swift and fair settlement with the least amount of time and aggravation on your part?

7. Last, we believe that your broker should be of the same caliber as your other trusted advisors - your attorney, your banker, your financial advisor, your family physician.  Is this how you view your current broker?

If the answer to any of these questions is “none, rarely”, or less than enthusiastic….. it is time for a professional P&C review.  Have a client in need of a review? We are happy to discuss how PRMS can help you and your clients. Get in touch today to discuss further.

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