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Valuables Insurance

Homeowner’s policies typically have very limited coverage for valuable possessions – such as jewelry, fine art, wine and spirits, antiques, fur, silver, coins, musical instruments and collectibles. A Valuables policy or valuables coverage rider can provide the proper protection for those unique collections.

Here are some of the benefits offered by our insurance company partners:

Blanket or Scheduled Items

We offer worldwide coverage options which often have no deductible.  You have the choice to insure your collection on an itemized basis or blanket basis, or a combination of both. 

Newly Acquired Items

This allows new purchases to have automatic coverage for a limited time until added to the policy.  The coverage is determined as a percentage of the current valuables limit on the policy.

In Vault Coverage

If your jewelry is stored in vault you are eligible for significant discounts.  Notification is only needed when the items are removed.

Wine & Spirits -Cellar Risk & Storage Assessment 

Wine and spirits are subject to unique risks.  Adding them to your valuables policy provides broad protection.

**This is provided as a matter of information and is not a complete policy.  Coverage is subject to all policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Coverage for A Single Item

Coverage for New Collectors

Looking for Valuables Coverage?

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