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Fine Arts

Fine Arts collections require special handling whether at your home, in storage, at a museum or an exhibition. There are coverages and services available to help properly repair or replace these items after a covered loss.

Fine Art, Artwork, Classicism

Here are some of the benefits offered by our insurance company partners:

*Disclaimer- not all insurance carriers have them same coverage features. Coverages would be confirmed via the Insurance Policy Contract when placed with the carrier.

Blanket or Scheduled Items

We offer worldwide coverage options which often have no deductible.  You have the choice to insure your collection on an itemized basis or blanket basis, or a combination of both

Agreed Value & Market Value Coverage Features

With agreed value coverage you are able to receive the stated value on the policy in the event of a total loss for a covered event.


With Market Value Coverage, if the market value of an item before a loss exceeds the amount of coverage listed on your policy, you can be reimbursed up to 150% of the amount listed on your policy to account for increases and fluctuation in market value up to the policy limit.

Referrals for Fine Art Related Services

Our carriers may offer recommendations for appraisers, moving and storage companies and security consultations.

**This is provided as a matter of information and is not a complete policy.  Coverage is subject to all policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

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