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PRMSbyHerSide offers a compassionate approach to addressing the insurance needs of women, whether as Heads of Household, or during life altering transitions, like divorce or widowhood. Our mission is to empower these individuals with knowledge, empathy driven support, education and elite guidance on how to tackle the insurance decision making process. Our client centric approach provides superior advocacy to these women while safeguarding their independence and protecting their personal and cherished assets.

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"Just felt comfortable that someone wasn’t taking advantage of me for not understanding the business but also helping me navigate the whole process." - Current Client


PRMSbyHerSide is a groundbreaking initiative spearheaded by our female led executive team, dedicated to bridging the gap in top tier property and casualty insurance services available in the market for women led households, particularly those navigating significant life transitions such as divorce or widowhood.  Developed over 15 years, this specialized service caters to these clients by working closely with advisors who also prioritize this underserved population.


Through PRMSbyHerSide, we offer tailored insurance programs that extend beyond the basics, offering comprehensive asset protection to ensure that areas of risk are identified and addressed.  Our services include informed decision-making support, identification of critical coverage gaps, claims management assistance and prompt, expert responses. 

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Get in touch today to learn how we can help you.

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Learn more about the services we offer for Trusted Advisors.


We represent the top insurers in the HNW space including Chubb, Private Client Select, Berkley One, PURE and Cincinnati. Visit our products page to learn more about insurance products offered by our luxury insurance carriers. 


PRMS is proudly led by women. Our Executive Team members have all been named Elite Women in Insurance by Insurance Business America. Our President and CEO was named as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Private Wealth by Private Asset Management. We have been a Family Wealth Report Finalist in the Insurance Brokerage category twice.

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President & CEO

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Chief Operating Officer & Partner

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Chief Sales Officer & Partner

Kelly McCleaster

VP & Director of Private Client Services

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AVP & Operations Manager


PRMSbyHerSide was created to be your trusted partner and advocate in the management of your personal insurance program.  Reach out today to learn more:  

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