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Celebrating the Dynamic Female Leadership at Personal Risk Management Solutions on International Women's Day

Updated: Jun 1

Navigating the demanding landscape of today's competitive business world as a woman, while striving for success and financial independence, is undeniably empowering, yet far from effortless. As we honor and commemorate National Women’s History Month at Personal Risk Management Solutions, we shine a spotlight on our esteemed Executive Board of She-EO’s and management team, whose career journeys serve as inspiration. They illuminate the path to success—showcasing the profound significance of empowered female leadership.


Defining success in the business world is a deeply personal journey for every woman. Celia Santana, our President and CEO, measures her success by the impact she makes in the lives of others and by her ability to perceive obstacles as opportunities. Yet, the reality remains that women are significantly underrepresented in executive leadership roles, often encountering formidable barriers along their path to success.


Chief Sales Officer and Partner, Linda Graef Jones, candidly shares her experience of having to navigate extra hurdles throughout her career as a businesswoman. She recounts the arduous journey of having to consistently outperform expectations in order to earn the recognition she rightfully deserved. As a woman in a male dominated competitive landscape, gaining respect and acknowledgment for one's capabilities has been an inevitable obstacle to overcome.


Excelling as a female leader in the business world demands a unique blend of courage, persistence, adaptability, and unwavering determination, all shaped by a leadership style influenced by a complex interplay of biological, societal, and cultural factors. When posed with the question of how gender has impacted her leadership style and approach to orchestrating success in business, president & CEO Celia Santana eloquently replied:


“My gender helped me to appreciate the unique position women are in the workplace. Most women have significant responsibilities at home. Having to manage a multitude of obligations at both work and home can help women become effective multi-taskers and develop extraordinary leadership capabilities.”


In the realm of leadership, a distinctive hallmark often observed among female leaders is their empathetic approach, setting them apart from their male counterparts. Lindsey Jordan, Assistant Vice President and Operations Manager, attests to the profound impact of gender on her leadership style, noting that her feminine perspective emphasizes qualities of flexibility and empathy. Lindsey stated:


“Lead your team with empathy and you will have a better relationship. Having a solid foundation of understanding and a mutual respect with your team helps with work performance and your team’s ability to excel and succeed”.


Kelly McCleaster, Vice President and Director of Private Client Services, has distinguished her adept leadership style that is anchored in attentive listening. By prioritizing the understanding of her team's viewpoints she is able to elevate collaboration and mutual respect. Kelly advocates for the transformative power of kindness, coupled with a laser focus on clarity and communication, to cultivate a seamless and high-performing work environment. For Kelly, true leadership lies in embodying compassion and empathy to use as a strength. 


As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we acknowledge that behind every successful woman are other successful women who have her back. Our She-EO’s offer their own advice to all aspiring women who want reach new heights of success in their own career journeys: 

“Raise your hand for the promotion even if you do not feel 100 percent ready”

- Celia Santana

“Expect obstacles and to make some mistakes along the way, and learn from the mistakes made.”

- Linda Graef Jones 

“Always be flexible and adapt. Change equals growth.”

- Lindsey Jordan 

“Do not hesitate to obtain advice or support from women that you admire or that have acted as a mentor to you along your journey.”

- Kelly McCleaster 


As a team of leaders who have successfully raised Personal Risk Management Solutions to the level of success and reputation it upholds now, they epitomize what it means to thrive in the uncomfortable and defy stereotypes. Steering into your femaleness and using it as your superpower with determination, integrity, and passion will ultimately lead you to success in all that you aspire to do. 



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