Personal Risk Management Solutions Quotes

Claims Experience

Our Client’s home experienced a major claim due to a significant storm. We spoke to both the client and the insurance company multiple times, monitoring the situation and making sure our client received a quick and fair settlement. The check was in our hands within 48 hours of settlement. We invited the client’s Advisor to join us to hand deliver the check. Our mutual client was ecstatic.

Significant Savings

A Private Banker referred a new client of his for a thorough insurance review. The client’s coverage was mostly appropriate, however, his program was with three different insurance companies. By marketing all of the policies with one insurance company, the client saved 29%.

Significant Coverage Improvements and Savings

A Family Office Manager requested we review his client’s insurance program. This client is a wealthy business owner who is extremely busy and short on time. The client had multiple insurance company relationships although all with one broker. We made several recommendations: 1. Consolidate with one insurance company 2. Move the collector car to a collector vehicle policy for significant savings and 3. Increase the excess liability coverage. The client hired us, made these changes and saved 36%.

Multiple Gaps in Coverage Identified and Addressed and Savings

The Wealth Manager for a well-known personality asked us to conduct a personal risk assessment for her client whose divorce recently became final. Multiple gaps in coverage were identified, but most importantly, the client had no umbrella coverage as all of the insurance policies were in her ex-husband’s name. Additionally, the client experienced a significant savings. Both the client and the wealth manager were thrilled.

Major Gaps in Coverage Identified and Addressed

The Financial Advisor for our prospect asked his client when the last review of his property and casualty program had occurred and learned it hadn’t happened in recent history. He gathered the client’s policies and asked us to conduct our analysis. In this case, the client had all policies with a direct writer. Several gaps were identified, but the most significant was the client’s home was underinsured by $1 million. The client also had two policies covering the exposure. Multiple recommendations were made.

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