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Summer: Long Days Spent By The Pool

Thursday, July 11th, 2019, 10:50 am

Summer has finally arrived. The warm summer months bring friends and family together for the enjoyment of long days spent by the pool. When dealing with water, there are some risk factors that follow. Find some helpful tips and fun facts on Pool Safety below:

Homeowners with pools are responsible for any injuries that occur on their property, whether the person has permission or not.

  • Adult supervision should always be maintained when children are in the pool. For children under age five, the leading cause of accidental death is drowning.
  • For large parties and particularly for children’s parties regardless of size, hire a lifeguard with CPR training. In a split second, anyone can slip and fall or have an accident. It is important to have someone who is trained for these situations be present to respond.
  • Swimming pools and alcohol can be a dangerous combination. Consumption around the pools should be monitored. The CDC reports that alcohol use is involved in up to half of adolescent and adult deaths associated with water recreation. Drinking negatively impacts balance, coordination and judgment—and its effects are further heightened by sun exposure and heat.
  • Fencing, including locked gates, should surround pool areas to discourage anyone from entering without permission, or while unattended by an adult.
  • Floats and Toys should be removed from the pool while not in use.
  • Lastly, make sure your insurance policy covers you for pool related accidents.

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