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Hurricane Preparedness

Friday, May 10th, 2019, 10:58 am

This week is Hurricane Preparedness Week!

The official start of Hurricane season is approaching quickly and with June 1st right around the corner, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind for keeping you and your family safe while minimizing the risk of damage to your home.


Landscape, Yard & Decor

  • Keeps trees and shrubs well trimmed. By removing these you will minimize damage that would be caused by possible projectiles.
  • Remove dying plants and trees. Fallen trees can cause major damage to homes, vehicles and other structures on your property. Removing a dying tree can be more cost effective than waiting until the tree has fallen during a storm or hurricane.
  • Keep gutters clear of debris and repair loose or clogged gutters/ downspouts. Water from clogged gutters can cause internal damage to your roof, walls, and windows and external damage to foundations, landscaping and patios.
  • Landscaping materials can be picked up by high winds and cause damage to your home. Consider replacing gravel and rock with mulch or other soft materials.
  • Keep an available space in your garage or basement for outdoor furniture, garbage cans, grills, etc. for ease of movement in last minute preparations.

Home Preparedness

  • Make sure all of your homes roof shingles are in proper place. Loose shingles in high winds can lead to major damage to your home. Re-adhere loose shingles using roofing cement. It is inexpensive and effective.
  • Ensure that your soffits are properly secured.
  • Seal holes and cracks where wires, cables and pipes enter your home, this will stop water from entering your home during a hurricane.
  • Consider investing in storm shutters if you live in a hurricane prone area.

Proper Insurance Coverage

  • Contact us if have questions on your current coverage limits. Standard homeowners policies do not cover damage caused by flood or hurricane driven water.  It is important to understand any limitations your policy may have.
  • Last minute purchases of flood, wind and boat coverage is often not available during hurricanes. Many times insurance companies will put moratoriums in place so that new coverages cannot be purchased during natural disasters.
  • Some flood insurance companies have a 30-day waiting period before newly purchased flood insurance will take effect.
  •  It is best to plan ahead and we are here to help.

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